PRM Section of UEMS

The Section and the Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine represent specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine within the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

31 countries are full members of the UEMS PRM Section :

  • 28 countries of the European Union,

  • plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

  • Armenia, Israel, Serbia, and Turkey are considered "Associated Members".

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Georgia, Montenegro, Russia, and Ukraine are invited to our general assemblies as "Observers".

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is recognized as a full specialty in all the member countries of the UEMS PRM Section. In this population of 500.000.000 inhabitants, more than 14.000 specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine practice. More than 1500 trainees are getting ready for practicing our specialty.

The activities of the UEMS PRM Section are organized under the supervision of three main committees :

  • The Committee for Education = the European Board of PRM (President: Prof. Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Italy). It deals with Initial and Continuing Medical Education. 

    • Training Curriculum and logbook

    • Certification of Specialists, of Trainers and of Training Centres

    • Accreditation of European CME/CPD events

    • WAPIE : World Action Plan for Initial Education = courses and seminars for trainees who are registered to the European Board.

  • The Committee for Clinical Affairs (President: Dr Mark Delargy, Ireland). It deals with the Quality of Care in PRM.

    • European Programme of Accreditation of the Quality of Care in PRM.

  • The Committee for Professional Practice (President: Dr. Carlotte Kiekens, Belgium). It deals with the domain of competence of PRM Specialists.pain

    • White Book of PRM in Europe

    • Encoding and funding PRM Activity

    • Balneology

    • Sports Medicine