New PRM Curriculum & Logbook

The UEMS PRM Board announces the release of the new Undergraduate PRM Training Curriculum, Board Curriculum & Logbook. Please click on the following links to download the relevant files:

Undergraduate Training Curriculum

Board Curriculum


The completion of the logbook during training is a requirement for those wishing to sit the Board exam. The log book should contain reports from the trainer giving an account of trainee’s active participation in the work of the unit where he/she is based, and a record of the trainee's publications and other academic work. It should also include monthly reports completed by the trainee. Typically the log should describe treatment episodes in which the trainee participated and the diagnostic tests/procedures/skills which the trainee used during these episodes. It would also provide a monthly record of learning, teaching, research, literature reviews and audit and other academic activity carried out by the trainee. Trainees would be expected to submit their reports to their trainer(s) each month. Please refer to Logbook instructions for detailed info.