Board supported PRM Schools

The UEMS PRM Board offers free registration and accommodation to trainees in Physical and Rehabilitation medicine, proposed by their National Managers to attend the supported schools:


Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School – 2nd edition (Porto Potenza Picena; 13-18 May, 2019)

The course will provide an overview of the methodology, procedural standards, efficacy and ethics of robotic rehabilitation, as well as practical sessions during which robotic devices will be applied and clinical cases will be discussed.In the morning, the lectures will be given in the Conference room; afterwards, the participants will move to look at clinical treatments and directly test robotic and advanced devices in laboratories. At the end of training the participants will meet Faculty in the Conference room for questions and final discussion.

Link to RRSS website:



European Training Course in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (Oswestry, Sheffield; 11 – 14, June 2019)

This course will provide comprehensive training in the management of patients with spinal paralysis and is aimed at senior trainees in PRM who wish to specialise in this area. The first two days will be at Oswestry, a Board Certified Training Centre, and the second two days will be at Sheffield, the Major Trauma Centre for South Yorkshire.



European School Marseille (1-12 July, 2019)

"Motor Disabilities: Posture and Movement Analysis, Rehabilitation, Neurophysiology"

The aim of the ESM is to spread knowledge on the neurophysiological supports of motor disabilities, on the new methods available to assess posture and movement, to provide information on the modern treatment protocols used for persons with motor disabilities and to present the Ethical issues in the field of Motor Disabilities. The programme includes visits to PRM wards and of research laboratories.



Euro-Mediteranean Summer School (Syracuse; November 18-21, 2019)

Pharmacological Management in PRM: set-up, synergies, uncertainties and evidence based knowledge in various pathologies”.

This 15th edition of the EMRSS will focus on the role played by the pharmacological treatment in the management of several neurological (Stroke, Spasticity, Brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease) and musculoskeletal disorders (Degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, Osteoporosis). The morning lectures will be followed, in the afternoon, by practical sessions (i.e. Practice in Infiltrative therapy).